Per Vaginal Bleeding

Example Scenario and Task

You are the FY2 on your GP placement. Your next patient Sarah is a 25year old woman who describes having heavy periods.  


Task – Take a history from the patient and explain your further management plan

Interpersonal skills


  • Introduce yourself, confirm identity of the patient and consent patient for the conversation. 

  • Your explanation of the need to take a history is very important. 

  • Gain rapport with the patient throughout the conversation.

  • Use open questions at the beginning, then closed questions to clarify the salient points. 

  • The patient is likely to be worried and anxious. They will be hanging on your every word, so you need to choose your words carefully. Your ability to keep them calm whilst taking a history will go a long way to helping you pass this station well. 

  • As active listening, sign-post and summarise. 


Data gathering 


  • Ask an open question about the events leading up to today. “What brought you in today?”

  • Establish normal menstrual history 

    • Cycle length

    • Duration e.g. 5 days

    • Volume of blood

    • Date of last menstrual period